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A one hour underage / teen smoking class that you can stop and start anytime you want - on your schedule! This smoking class is completely self-paced, sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. That's right, work on it 10 minutes at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose. It's only an hour long.

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About Us

At Offender Solutions® we are quite proud of what we have accomplished. Offender Solutions® was founded through the combined 44 years of experience of a parole officer, a juvenile probation officer, two college instructors and a justice system policy analyst. Each of these roles contributed greatly to the style, delivery and content of the work we do.

As you surely know, getting results with offenders is no easy task. We don't make ridiculous claims like a 95% success rate but we do know that we use the best practices. We address the criminogenic risk factor - attitudes, values and beliefs. Our approach is the most effective intervention - cognitive restructuring - and uses the Stages of Change model. There is a significant difference between voluntary clients and involuntary clients. As juvenile justice workers we have spent our entire career working with involuntary clients. To be successful with any person you must be respectful of their present position and attitude about the subject at had. With smoking it is an inappropriate intervention to start with the assumption that the person wants to change their smoking behavior. Using the Stages of Change model it is much more reasonable to assume the person is at the pre-contemplative stage or the contemplative stage, Take an anger management class. The Offender Solutions® underage smoking class does just that!

We are proud of our work and expect you will be pleased with our offender solution.



Online Under Age / Teen Smoking Class.


For juveniles/youth who have been cited for smoking and referred to our program because of juvenile deparment, teen/peer court or community accountability board mandate. Schools also refer because the student violated policy which prohibits smoking on school grounds.


Anytime, at the youth's convenience.

Program Description:

This program is for people who have been involved in violation of a smoking law or school smoking policy. This underage smoking class is appropriate for mandated youth who are required to attend a smoking class. This is not an anti-smoking class. This is a smoking awareness class. The student works through several chapters and is tested after each assignment and again at the conclusion of the course. A Certificate of Completion is activated at the conclusion of the course and can be printed and used as confirmation of completion. The program takes one hour to complete.


All Offender Solutions® classes work under the assumption that the way a person thinks guides the way a person behaves. The Offender Solutions® anger management classes use a cognitive restructuring approach which basically follows the tenant of Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993): "Change your thoughts and you will change your world." Our smoking class asks the student to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs.


"Change your thoughts and you will change your world."

Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993)






Our Philosophy

"Change your thoughts and you will change your world."

Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)

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Terms of Service for Under Age Smoking Program

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    The use of the services of this website is not meant to be a substitute for in-person counseling or substitute for treatment for suicidal thoughts, or substitute for treatment for severe psychiatric problems. If you are looking to quit smoking, the results from this program are not guaranteed, this program can help some smokers progress through the stages of change.

  3. The primary purpose of the Offender Solutions® Under Age Smoking Program is to give participants information and resources as they progress through the Modules.