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A one hour underage / teen smoking class that you can stop and start anytime you want - on your schedule! This smoking class is completely self-paced, sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. That's right, work on it 10 minutes at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose. It's only an hour long.

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Under Age Smoking

We all know that young people will try to smoke and that many of them will continue smoking in spite of the health warnings, school policy and the law. For juvenile justice, Teen/Peer Courts, Accountability Boards and Schools the response to violations of smoking laws and/or school policy is typically one of frustration. On the one hand the youth needs to be held accountable and yet, there is the frustration of trying to help the young person make different choices. The Offender Solutions® online smoking class is a unique program that addresses both of these issues. First and formost the Offender Solutions® online smoking class is educational. Though it does not try to change the youth's behavior (it is not a quit smoking program) it can stimulate the first phase of the change process. Secondly, from a consequence/accountability perspective, the class costs money and takes an hour of the youth's time. Seems like a win-win for the person who refers and the youth referred.


As one professional to another we want to assure you that we understand how important it is to make our service user friendly for you and our clients. As we suspect the case is with you, our hope is to help be a part of helping our clients become more productive, less stressed, and offence/citation free citizens. Our online smoking class is designed to be one small part of the often bigger task you have but can be a key player when it comes to helping the client make significant decisions in their life.

Tracking - With our learning management system we can quickly and easily track and report on a clients' performance, progress and completion. You can call us to monitor your clients' enrollment and progress.

Affordable - Our prices are clearly among the lowest in our field. We fully understand the financial barrier many people have and maintain the notion that it is unethical to charge exorbitant fees. Further, if you use our program regularly we can offer your organization ongoing group discount codes, (just ask.)

Quality - With Offender Solutions® quality reputation you can rest assured that each program offered, including our online smoking class, utilizes best practices, evidence based principles and a cognitive restructuring approach. Further, our programs are only developed by experts in their field. Our smoking management curriculum was developed by a Master's level practitioner with over 17 years of practical experience and a Registered BA, MSN, CNOR Nurse.


Offender Solutions® Referrals

Appropriate referrals to our smoking Management Class?
Any youth who violates a school smoking policy or cited by the police for violation of smoking laws is approprite for our online underage smoking class.

Making a referral?
This is a subject we know something about. With our experience in the field of parole and probation we know that making a referral is all too often more work than is necessary. We promise to make it easy.

Simply download the referral form, print, cut and hand it to the offender. Get our referral form here!

Easy enough?

Confirming Client Completion of the smoking Management Class

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) ,
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol


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Our Philosophy

"Change your thoughts and you will change your world."

Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)

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Terms of Service for Under Age Smoking Program

  1. The Offender Solutions® Online Under Age Smoking Program provides health information, however, said information should not be considered, in any way, to be medical advice. Under Age Smoking Program participants should consult their doctor or other health care provider for a professional medical opinion.
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    The use of the services of this website is not meant to be a substitute for in-person counseling or substitute for treatment for suicidal thoughts, or substitute for treatment for severe psychiatric problems. If you are looking to quit smoking, the results from this program are not guaranteed, this program can help some smokers progress through the stages of change.

  3. The primary purpose of the Offender Solutions® Under Age Smoking Program is to give participants information and resources as they progress through the Modules.